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Sailing is my passion, but that's not all

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I started off my sailing journey at 8 in an optimist dinghy, I’ve moved up through the years to all sorts of larger dinghies and boats. Eventually getting into yachting, I enjoy cruising all over the world, finding the most beautiful places and enjoying every moment of my work.

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But experienced

Well Travelled

Sailing and my passion for exploration have led me to numerous corners of the world, gifting me with once-in-a-lifetime experiences both on land and at sea. I’m fortunate to have journeyed to fascinating destinations and crossed vast oceans. My aspiration is to keep uncovering incredible places in the years ahead


Having specialized in engineering and astronomy, I’ve also achieved Yachtmaster-Offshore and Cruising-Instructor certifications, fueled by my passion for all three domains. My commitment to lifelong learning drives me to continually explore and master new and intriguing fields of study.

Work Experience

Working in different positions around the NHS, in hospitality, as a full-stack developer, as a skipper and sailing instructor has given me skills in leadership, teamwork, and plenty of customer service, that can all be applied in high pressure environments.

aiming high

The big goals



Currently working on all sorts of yachts, enjoying sailing all over the world, I hope to continue this, explore the world from the sea, and eventually live on a yacht of my own.



From the most isolated to the most beautiful islands, I’d love to see them all. I’ve got a list of places from the hidden away La Danta pyramid, to the extremes of the antarctic that I would love to see.



Despite already living my dream, I’d love to continue expanding on the experiences I’ve love so far with all sorts of adventurous activities all over the world.

more about me


It’s hard to summarise anyone in a few paragraphs, I’ll use some more here so you can get to know me a bit better.


Ambition fuels the work I do, and helps me excel archery, a variety of martial arts, and chess. So, if there’s a challenge going, you bet I’m taking it!


I’m a big fan of music. I’ve played all sorts of instruments, from piano to drums, and from various percussion to brass instruments in an orchestra. I also love listening to music. I’m currently getting lots of fun playing guitar on my travels.

Animal Lover

Since a young age, I’ve adored all animals, and have cared for many over the years. I’ve enjoyed none more than breeding my snakes.


Whether it’s uncharted land or sea, extreme corners of the world, fields of study, or new skills, I love to explore, and would love to continue pursuing this passion to the end.

Your turn.

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I’d love to know about you too!